Everton America is a premier youth soccer club based in Norwalk CT. Our club offers expert soccer coaching for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years. Everton America is the exclusive U.S. affiliate of Everton Football Club of the English Premier League.



Everton America: team uniforms for 2015-2016 season


Everton America’s uniform is made by Umbro comprises the following:

Practice kit: pale blue jersey, black shorts, black socks



Home kit: royal blue jersey, white shorts, white socks



Away kit: black jersey, black shorts, black socks


Other: training jacket and pants, backpack



Online ordering

Uniform items are supplied by Soccer & Rugby Imports. Players will be sent an automated invitation to Soccer & Rugby's ‘TUO’ online store, with a temporary password and login. Note that the `TUO’ store is not accessible via either the Soccer & Rugby website or the Everton America website.

Items can also be ordered in Soccer & Rugby’s main store, 3683 Post Road, Southport. Uniform orders can be delivered for pick-up at the store’s other locations (Ridgefield, Bronxville, Greenwich) for no extra charge, but orders cannot be placed in those stores.

Fulfillment takes several days. Once Soccer & Rugby has fulfilled an order, a store representative will call and email the customer for collection.

Notes on what items to order:

-For new players joining the club, all items are required items except for the GK jersey.

-For assigned goalies who do not play outfield, the blue and black game jerseys are not required.

-For returning players from the 2014/2015 season the home kit, away kit and practice kits are mandatory. Returning players are not required to buy a new backpack or training jacket or training pants, if they do not wish to do so.  

Roster numbers:

-Returning players from the 2014/2015 season keep their roster number unless otherwise notified.

-Roster numbers are assigned by the club and are embedded in the order system.


All uniform items - especially training pants and jacket, backpack and ball - should be labelled with the player’s name.

If you have any questions about uniform, please email  @evertonamericact.com.